What are the types of Printer AMC?

How many types of Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) are there? There are two types of Annual maintenance contracts: Comprehensive AMCs and Non-comprehensive/Call basis AMCs, where the former includes repair and replacement of the faulty PC parts for a lump sum price.

How do you know if a printer needs maintenance?

  • When your printer starts showing some of the signs below, it may be time to get printer repair and service completed.
  • Blots Of Ink Or Blurry Lines. Your printer should have clear printed images and text. ...
  • Weird Sounds Coming From Printer. ...
  • Recurrent Paper Jams. ...
  • Frequent Error Codes.

Can a printer be repaired?
The good news is, if something happens to your printer, the chances are, there is something that can be done to fit it. Whether it involves replacing and fitting a certain part or whatever else the issue may be, most printer repairs are fairly simple.

We provide a host of AMC Services and have carved a niche in this service segment. Our services are utilized by a wide number of household, commercial and industrial establishments. These services are world-class and available at highly affordable prices. These can also be custom-made and delivered within the specified time proffered by our clients.

Regular maintenance & services of your printers and copiers and other office equipment keeps healthy and trouble-free function.

We have designed following deferent types of printer maintenance contract as per you convince.

General Printer maintenance Contract
Comprehensive Printer Maintenance Contract
Total Guarantee Maintenance Contract

Our plan that could limit costly repairs and may make your printers more efficiently. That could save you more money in the long run. To know about our annual maintenance contracts please call on +91-9891707517, +91-8527508079, +91-11-69653573